A: This continuous palm oil physical refining process flow chart is based on our engineers' designing palm oil physical refining technology, which is for 100tpd continuous palm oil refinery plant project in Kenya.
A: The function of vacuum system in edible oil refinery plant is to provide the vacuum condition for decolorization and deodorization process.The stability and reliability of vacuum system are the main factors to obtain high quality product oil.
A: Edible oil refining process flow chart is usually designed by engineers according to customer's plant area and process requirements. Generally, edible oil refining process flow chart has three types based on the input capacity.
A: Many people know that crude edible oil need to be refined, but why? The most important reason is that the cude edible oil can not fullfil the standard of nation. And crude edible oil can not sold in the supermarket.
A: Crude vegetable oil usually contains pigment,which leads to crude vegetable oil color too dark,do not meet the standard.Thus,in vegetable oil refining process,it has one step to removethe pigments in the crude vegetable,which we also called bleaching.
A: RBD palm oil is the short for refined bleached deodorized palm oil.RBD palm oil is the products of palm oil refinery plant. RBD palm olein is the products of palm oil fractionation plant.
A: The quality of oil storage will directly affect the length of shelf life and production economic benefits of edible oil. The essence of oil storage technology is to solve the problem of oxidative stability of edible oils.
A: In edible oil refinery plant, there are four kinds of cooking oil filter machine often used. They are plate and frame filter, leaf filter, vacuum diaphragm filter and safe filter. They have different functions.

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