How many ways are there to remove the gum in crude vegetable oil?
A: There are two ways to remove the gum in crude vegetable oil in vegetable oil refining process. One is hydration degumming way, the other is dry degumming way. These two ways are suitable for different crude vegetable oil.
The process diagram explanation for edible oil refining
A: Our edible oil refining process diagram can show you clear of each steps in the edible oil refining plant, and what kind of final oil you can get after refining. But different kinds of crude oil may need different refining process diagrams.
How does a crude edible oil refinery plant work?
A: Edible oil refinery plant is mainly to process crude vegetable oil into refined edible oil. But do you know how a crude edible oil refinery plant works? A crude edible oil refinery plant has five steps to refine the crude vegetable oil.
Palm oil dry fractionation, solvent fractionation, surfactant fractionation technology process analysis and flow chart
A: The current palm oil fractionation technology can be divided into: dry fractionation of palm oil, solvent fractionation of palm oil and surfactant fractionation of palm oil. This paper focus on palm oil dry fractionation technology and process.
The difference between RBD palm oil and RBD palm olein
A: RBD palm oil and RBD palm olein belong to different products of palm oil.RBD palm oil is the products of palm oil refinery plant. And RBD palm olein is obtained after further processing RBD palm oil in palm oil fractionation plant.
Can vegetable oil refining plant produce fatty acid?
A: Vegetable oil refining plant can produce fatty acid, but it needs high-configuration vegetable oil physical refinery equipment. And if you want to get fatty acid with high use value, the fatty acid needs to be very pure.
How is edible oil refined? What is edible oil refining process?
A: Refined edible oil is obtained through further processed by series of machines in edible oil refinery plant.Usually edible oil refining process includes degumming, deacidifaction, decolorization and deodorization four steps.
The importance of steam deodorization in edible oil refining process
A: Steam deodorization in edible oil refining process aims to remove undesirable smells in edible oil, so that it won’t influence product oil quality.

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