How to get palm olein and palm stearin through palm oil fractionation process?
A: RBD palm oil can still be further processed into palm olein and palm stearin. If you want to get these two products, that means you need learn about palm oil fractionation process.
How to refine palm oil to vegetable oil?
A: To refine red palm oil, there are four steps to do: degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. These four steps of palm oil refining processes are to remove the gum, deep color, odor and FFA.
Is there physical refining type small scale edible oil refinery equipment?
A: You must heard that chemical refining technology is used for in small scale batch type edible oil refinery plant. Then, do you know whether there is physical refining type mini edible oil refinery equipment?
What kind of palm oil purification process is used in palm oil refinery plant?
A: Palm oil purification process used in palm oil refinery plant refers to palm oil refining process. Usually, there are two kinds: palm oil physical refining process and palm oil chemical refining process.
What is the requirement of temperature in edible oil refining process?
A: The requirement of temperature in every step of edible oil refining process is very strict. Because different steps have different functions, generally, the temperature of every step is decided by engineers when designing. Next, I will explain.
Why to choose water degumming method in soybean oil refining process?
A: Because water degumming method is suitable for crude oil which contains much gums, in soybean oil refining process, engineers generally recommend to choose water degumming method to remove gums in soybean oil, so as to reach best degumming effect.
How much bleaching earth to charge in edible oil refining process?
A: Bleaching earth is used to absorb pigment and color in the crude oil. But how much bleaching earth to charge in edible oil refining process? In fact, the amount of bleaching earth to use is influenced by some factors.
How many ways are there to remove the gum in crude vegetable oil?
A: There are two ways to remove the gum in crude vegetable oil in vegetable oil refining process. One is hydration degumming way, the other is dry degumming way. These two ways are suitable for different crude vegetable oil.

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