How does small scale vegetable oil refinery plant work?
A: Small scale vegetable oil refinery plant is a batch type crude oil refining production line which remains all the functions of medium and large scale vegetable oil refinery plant. In addition, it needs small investment cost and less land occupation.
How is the refined coconut oil made in vegetable oil refinery?
A: How is coconut oil refined in vegetable oil refinery? It is usually used to get raw materials to make soap through chemical refining method. However, if you want to get high quality RBD coconut oil, physical refining technology is better.
How many types of refining method are there in edible oil refining process?
A: By continuous type, there are three types of refining method in edible oil refining process: batch type, semi-continuous and full-continuous edible oil refining method. And by the deacidification method, there are chemical refining method and physical
How to refine palm kernel oil?
A: Usually, in palm kernel oil refining plant, there are four steps to refine palm kernel oil: degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. Only all the steps are qualified, you can get high quality refined palm kernel oil.
How to get rid of odors in cooking oil refining process?
A: In cooking oil refining process, there is a special process that is used to get rid of odors in crude oil, which is deodorization process. The deodorization is using high temperature steam to take the odors off.
How does a full-continuous type palm oil refinery plant work?
A: Full-continuous palm oil refinery plant generally uses dry degumming technology and physical refining technology. And it is divided into seven sections.Then, how dose the full-continuous palm oil refinery plant work?
What is the neutralization process of edible oil?
A: The neutralization process of edible oil is a part of whole edible oil refinery process, which is also called the deacidification process of edible oil. But it belongs to chemical deacidification method, using alkali to react with FFA, and then get so
What chemicals are used in refining process of edible oil?
A: In the refining process of edible oil, three kinds of chemicals will be usually used. They are phosphoric acid, alkali, white clay. Do you know what functions they have?

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