How does a full-continuous type palm oil refinery plant work?
A: Full-continuous palm oil refinery plant generally uses dry degumming technology and physical refining technology. And it is divided into seven sections.Then, how dose the full-continuous palm oil refinery plant work?
What is the neutralization process of edible oil?
A: The neutralization process of edible oil is a part of whole edible oil refinery process, which is also called the deacidification process of edible oil. But it belongs to chemical deacidification method, using alkali to react with FFA, and then get so
What chemicals are used in refining process of edible oil?
A: In the refining process of edible oil, three kinds of chemicals will be usually used. They are phosphoric acid, alkali, white clay. Do you know what functions they have?
The recommendation to improve production in crude palm oil ( cpo ) refining plant
A: Crude palm oil refinery plant is to further process the cpo to better quality RBD palm oil by removing the impurities. The most concern of many customer is how to improve the production yield in crude oil refinery plant.
What is the cheapest way to refine crude oil into refined vegetable oil?
A: To refine crude oil into refined vegetable oil, you need buy the vegetable oil refining machine. As for the cheapest way, it is to buy a mini vegetable oil refining machine with capacity 1-2tpd.
The advantage of palm oil physical refinery technology
A: The biggest advantage of palm oil physical refinery technology is that in deacidification process, free fatty acid are taken away by high temperature steams in the vacuum deodourization tank instead of neutralization reaction.
How to get palm olein and palm stearin through palm oil fractionation process?
A: RBD palm oil can still be further processed into palm olein and palm stearin. If you want to get these two products, that means you need learn about palm oil fractionation process.
How to refine palm oil to vegetable oil?
A: To refine red palm oil, there are four steps to do: degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. These four steps of palm oil refining processes are to remove the gum, deep color, odor and FFA.

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