Olive oil refinery plant

Henan Doing Company has successfully set up a 20tpd olive oil refinery plant project in Peru. It is designed into semi-continuous olive oil refinery plant according to customer's requirement.

olive oil refineryThe installation process of 20tpd olive oil refinery plant project in Peru

Olive oil processing was introduced into the food industry at the end of the 19th century and is an important cooking oil in countries surrounding the Mediterranean. Here, I will mainly introduce how the olive oil refinery plant workers.

The steps of olive oil refining are degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization, same as soybean oil refining process, groundnut oil refining process, etc.

Generally, degumming and deacidification process are simultaneous. Because there are a little phospholipid in olive oil, phosphoric acid or citric acid is consumed very little. And the gum can also be removed in deacidification process, along with some moisture, impurities and waxes.

Deacidification/Neutralization is the addition of sodium hydroxide to saponify free fatty acids and precipitate them in water washing process. The heavy phase (soap foot) is then removed by gravity or centrifugation.

olive oil refinerySmall batch type olive oil refinery plant

Next, decolorization is using white clay to absorb the pigments in olive oil. In batch type olive oil refinery plant, it uses decolorization tank, and in continuous type olive oil refinery plant, it uses automatic decolorization tower.

olive oil refinery machineContinuous olive oil refinery plant

At last, deodorization equipment also has two types. One is deodorization tank used in batch type olive oil refinery plant, the other is deodorization tower used in continuous type olive oil refinery plant. Their method is same, distilling the odor and volatile substances with high temperature steam.

That's the brief introductions about the olive oil refining process. I am very glad you read it. If you have something confused, welcome to leave a message. Our professional engineers will answer you soon.

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