Coconut oil refinery plant

The traditional coconut oil used as edible oil must be refined, because coconut oil is partially free fatty acid soluble, and Highly volatile. And it's easy to give off some unacceptable smell. In addition, the coconut oil produced by traditional processing technology generally contains high content of free fat.

refined coconut oilRefined coconut oil

Traditional coconut oil processing methods include wet and dry methods. But whichever way you use, the crude coconut oil you got should be refined by coconut oil refinery plant, and then sell in the supermarket.

Coconut oil refining process: 

Crude coconut oil -- Deacidification -- Dehydration -- Decolorization -- Deodorization -- Filteration -- Refined coconut oil

Coconut oil is a typical lauric acid oil. It comes from dried coconut meat. This coconut oil refining process is physical refining method, which avoids the pollution of environment caused by the discharge of soap foot and acidolysis wastewater in chemical refining process. This is a great advantage of physical refining. After the acid and coconut oil are fully mixed, vacuum dehydration is required. And then add white clay decolorization.

coconut oil refinery plantDifferent types of coconut oil refinery plant

The distillation deacidification and deodorization process conditions are both the main factors that can affect the overall process consumption of physical refining of coconut oil. Because the acid value of coconut oil fluctuates widely, the process conditions must be adjusted properly to ensure that the refining consumption is within a reasonable range.

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