5TPD palm oil refinery plant project report in Indonesia

Congratulations to the Indonesian customer's 5 tpd semi-continuous palm oil refinery plant for its installation and commissioning, and successfully put into production.

palm oil refinery plant

The process can be used in a 5-30 tpd palm oil refinery plant. Because it belongs to a semi-continuous palm oil refinery plant. In this plant, the deodorization tower replaces the deodorization tank of batch refining equipment, which can improve the effects of deodorization and deacidification.

The time table of the 5TPD palm oil refinery plant project:

Visiting Time: 2017.11
Signing Contract Time: 2017.11
Delivery Time: 2018.04
Installation Time: 2018.09 - 2018.10
Comissioning Time: 2018.03

The engineers of Henan Doing Company are responsible for guiding the installation of the 5TPD palm oil refinery plant project. After the customer completes the foundation construction, our engineer completes the installation guidance work from the beginning of September to the end of October.

The installation site pictures of the 5TPD palm oil refinery plant project:

palm oil refinery plant projectThe installation picture of the 5tpd palm oil refinery plant project

The commissioning began in November and finished in 15th, November. The refined palm oil is qualitified the requirement of our customer and the standard in Indonesia.

The contrasting pictures of crude palm oil and refined palm oil:

refined palm oilThe crude palm oil and refiend palm oil

Explanation of why the refined palm oil still has dark color:

Because the Indonesian standards dose not require strictly with the color of refined palm oil, the amount of white clay used in the decolorization process is relatively small. But the final refined palm oil is in line with customer requirements.

If you need refined palm oil with a lighter color, in the decolorization process you can increase the amount of white clay, or directly replace the decolorization tank with a decolorization tower.

For the palm oil refining process, you can be assured. Because Henan Doing Company has extensive experience in palm oil refinery plant project installation. Batch type, semi-continuous and fully continuous palm oil refinery plant projects of Doing Company are all finished installation in different countries, and the quality of refined palm oil is in line with standards.

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