Small scale cooking oil pressing refining and filling production line installation & test operation video

This video shows the installation and test operation of the cooking oil production line. Our Chinese Mongolian customer ordered a complete set of cooking oil production lines, including cooking oil pretreatment presses, cooking oil refining machines, cooking oil filling machines, etc. Our Chinese Mongolian customer successfully completed the installation in mid-May 2023 under the guidance of our engineers.

the cooking oil pressing machinesThe cooking oil pressing machines

Our Inner Mongolia customer mainly wants to process peanuts and soybeans, and the processing volume is small, so he chose a simple cooking oil pretreatment and pressing production line, including oilseed cleaning machine, conveyor, cooker, single screw oil press and plate and frame filter. The cooking oil refining machine is batch type, including four stages of dewaxing, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization, which can remove various impurities and turn the crude oil into edible oil that meets national standards.

The cooking oil refining machinesThe cooking oil refining machines

Henan Glory Oil and Fats Company has focused on the production of cooking oil for decades and has rich experience. It provides various types of high-quality cooking oil processing and production line machines, and can customize solutions according to your needs. If you are interested, you can contact us online at any time, and our project managers will serve you one-on-one and provide free quotations and solution designs.

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