Does refining lose a lot of crude edible oil ? and what methods can reduce crude edible oil lose?

Now more and more people choose to do refined edible oil business and expand edible oil refinery plant on the basis of their existing crude edible oil pressing plants.  Does refining lose a lot of crude edible oil ? Let us to know edible oil refining process:

Edible oil refining process.jpgEdible oil refining process

Edible oil refining process includes the following steps:

1. Degumming: The process of removing peptized impurities from crude oil is called degumming.

2. Deacidification: There is always a certain amount of free fatty acid in vegetable oil, and deacidification is to reduce the oily fatty acid in the oil.

3. Decolorization: Adsorption decolorization method is commonly used for oil decolorization. The principle of the adsorption decolorization method is to use an adsorbent with strong adsorption capacity such as activated clay, and remove the adsorbed pigment and impurities while removing the adsorbent by filtration.

4. Deodorization: Remove the odor of small molecules in oil.

During the refining process of edible oil, crude oil will be lost. Oil loss is about 2-8%. So what methods can reduce crude edible oil lose?

Firstly, the edible oil is treated well during the edible oil extraction process, such as the palm fruit is sterilized in time before the edible oil extraction to reduce the acid value of the edible oil, which will reduce the loss of edible oil during the refining process.

Secondly, do a good job of filtering edible oil before entering edible oil refining equipment. Use plate and frame filter or leaf filter to filter out impurities in edible oil, which is beneficial to reduce the burden of edible oil refining and reduce edible oil loss.

Finally, correctly operate edible oil refining equipment according to the training of the engineer. Improper operation will increase oil loss. Our engineers will provide customers with complete technical operation training.

Edible oil refining equipment.jpgEdible oil refining equipment

Through the above methods, the loss of edible oil in the refining process can be reduced to a certain extent, but for edible oil refinery plant, in order to reduce oil loss, it is more important to have a complete edible oil refining process and edible oil refining equipment.

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