How to start an edible oil refining business?

Do you want to start a edible oil refining business? Wondering what to prepare? As the edible oil refining business matures, more and more people want to start an edible oil refining business. However, most of them are inexperienced. Here, Glory Company will introduce you some suggestions on how to start an edible oil refining business based on our project experience.

1. Determine your processing capacity.

Since edible oil refining machine can refine a variety of edible oils, the first question is to determine your processing capacity. It depends on your requirements and budget. Generally speaking, edible oil refining has different processing capacity and different prices. Therefore, you need to think carefully before starting your cooking oil refining business.

2. Understand the market.

Once you’ve determined your processing capacity, you need to understand the market. You need to know if edible oil refining business is viable in your area? How many competitors are there in your area? Are sufficient raw materials available in your area and available year-round? Is the final product in high demand in the local market? If there are enough edible oils and some competitors in your area, and the local market demand is high, congratulations, you are already off to a good start.

Edible oil refinery plant in Nigeria.jpgEdible oil refinery plant in Nigeria

3. Establish edible oil refining area.

That's great if you already have space available to run your business. If not, you will have to rent or buy one. It should be noted that edible oil is not resistant to storage and needs to be processed as soon as possible, so the factory should be located close to the raw materials.

Set up factory.jpgSet up factory

4. Obtain the necessary permissions and licenses.

Once you have prepared your land, you will need to obtain the necessary permits and licenses. You can visit the necessary websites to ensure you understand and comply with all state and local restrictions and obtain the necessary licenses.

5. Purchase equipment.

This is mainly determined by your needs and budget. As mentioned above, if your processing capacity is below 20tpd, you can choose batch type edible oil refining machine; if your processing capacity is above 20tpd, you can choose semi-continuous edible oil refining machine or fully continuous edible oil refining machine. You'd better choose a reliable equipment manufacturer rather than a trading company.

Henan Glory Company is a professional manufacturer of edible oil refining machine. We can not only provide you with high-quality edible oil refining machine at ex-factory prices, but also provide you with high-quality after-sales service. In addition, we have overseas warehouses in Nigeria, if you do business in Africa, our overseas managers can provide you with on-site services.

Buy edible oil refining machine.jpgBuy edible oil refining machine

6. Determine the source of raw materials.

Edible oil raw materials can come from your own farm or purchased from farmers around your factory. If you don't have a farm, in order to ensure an adequate supply of edible oil, you can rent a piece of land to produce your own edible oil or sign a contract with a farmer.

7. Promote your business.

You can advertise your business in local newspapers and online. Of course, it will be necessary for you to create business cards and informational handouts to give to potential new clients.

8. Find potential buyers to sell your products.

If your end product is refined edible oil, you can sell it to local supermarkets, edible oil retailers, etc. or export to international markets. If your final product is edible oil soft fat and edible oil stearin. You can sell it to cosmetics factories, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, etc. The saponins produced during the refining process can be exported as detergent raw materials or sold to chemical factories. So, depending on your final product, find potential buyers and sign contracts with them to reduce risk.

Refined edible oil sales market.jpgRefined edible oil sales market

After reading this article, I believe you have a basic understanding of how to start a edible oil refining business. If you decide to engage in the edible oil refining business, you can contact Henan Glory Company. In addition to equipment, we can provide you with a turnkey project. I wish you success!

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