Henan Doing Company begins to work today

If this period has brought you any inconvenience on the communication with us, please understand. Today, part of employees of Henan Doing Company have began to work, and we will try our best to solve any problem and provide best service for you.



Where to purchase vegetable oil refinery plants?

Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd is one of professional vegetable oil refinery plant manufacturers in China, has more than 8 years exporter experience and has finished many vegetable oil refinery plant projects all over the world.



Doing Company hopes your christmas be filled with happiness!

Give and receive love this holiday season and you will surely have a joyous Christmas. Best wishes to your family this season and always. Doing Company hopes that all the best to you in the year to come!



Welcome you to visit DOING Company's Nigerian Branch and warehouse

Henan DOING Company has built the warehouse and branch office in Lagos, Nigeria already, so if you are planning to buy edible oil refinery machine, you can contact us and then go to our branch and warehouse, to talk the details with overseas manager.



How much will cost to buy mini oil refinery machine for refining soya bean oil?

Recent years, mini oil refinery machine becomes more and more popular among investors, not only because it has lower cost, but also because it is multifunctional. How much will cost to buy mini oil refinery machine for refining soya bean oil? You need



What should I do if I wish to extend my cooking oil refining plant?

If you wish to extend your cooking oil refining plant, normally there are three methods:Put another main machines beside the old machines if your plant has extra space; Change the main parts of the old cooking oil refining plant; Build a new cooking o



Is there small scale edible oil refinery equipment? How much is it?

Henan Doing Company can provide you small scale edible oil refinery equipment with input capacity within 1-10 tons per day. Small scale edible oil refinery equipment is low cost, small footprint, and very popular among the customers.



China Commodities Expo-Nigeria 2019, do not leave till we meet!

The annual China Commodities Expo-Nigeria will be started again on 6th Nov. 2019. It is held at TBS, Onikan Lagos. Henan Doing Company sincerely invite you to take part in it and meet with our managers.



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