What is the neutralization process of edible oil?

The neutralization process of edible oil is a part of whole edible oil refinery process, which is also called the deacidification process of edible oil. But it belongs to chemical deacidification method, using alkali to react with FFA (free fatty acid), and then get soap stock. About the specific neutralization process of edible oil, please continue reading.

The neutralization process of edible oil:

Degummed oil -- heating -- adding alkali liquor -- settling -- discharge -- deacidification oil

neutralization process of edible oilThe neutralization process of edible oil in batch type edible oil refinery plant 3d video

The neutralization process of edible oil is the second step in the whole edible oil refinery process. After degumming process, the degummed oil was heated again, and then in which the alkali liquor will be added. Then, after at least 8 hours of settling time, the soap stock and oil will be separated and the soap stock will be discharged out. Soap stock is the raw material of making soap. And after reacting, the FFA will reduced to the standard of vegetable oil.

Anyone in the edible oil business knows that FFA content is an important criteria which measures the quality of oil. For some low FFA oil, such as sunflower oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, engineers recommend to use chemical neutralization process of edible oil to reduce FFA. But for some high value acid oil, such as palm oil, coconut oil and rice bran oil, engineers think physical deacidification method is the most suitable oil refinery process.

Except for degumming and neutralization process of edible oil, the chemical refinery process of edible oil also contains decolorization and deodorization process.

decolorization process of edible oilThe decolorization process of edible oil (using white clay)

The decolorization process of edible oil uses bleaching earth to absorb pigment in the crude oil. And finally, the oil color will look brighter and lighter. [Related reading: How much bleaching earth to charge in edible oil refining process?]

The deodorization process is the final step of edible oil refinery process. It is used to remove bad odors from the oil. So that the oil smells good when cooking. [Related reading:The importance of steam deodorization in edible oil refining process]

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