The importance of steam deodorization in edible oil refining process

Steam deodorization is one of the main steps in edible oil refining process. Generally speaking, there is still a little odor substance after degumming and deacidification steps, and residual white clay and solvent(n-hexane) smell after decolorization step. Steam deodorization aims to remove these undesirable smells in edible oil, so that it won’t influence product oil quality.

refined oilPure refined edible oil

In fact, pure edible oils are odorless, but most crude oils after pressing have different degrees "natural smell". Some are popular, such as sesame oil and peanut oil, but most are unpopular, especially the odor caused by rancidity and deterioration during edible oil refining process and storage. In addition, some oils have their special smell, such as sulfides in rapeseed oil, which must be removed. Thus, in order to get pure product oil, we need steam deodorization step to remove unpopular smells.

steam deodorization towerSteam deodorized tower in continuous edible oil refinery plant

Some manufacturer’s edible oil refinery machine is very cheap. That is because they take rid of deodorization part so as to ensure more profit. See the following edible oil refining process flow chart they send to customers. 

edible oil refining processOther manufacturer’s edible oil refining process flow chart

As you can see, this edible oil refining process flow chart doesn’t contain deodorization part, and the deacidification part and the time of separation and standing are not standard refining process.

Our one customer bought this kind of edible oil refinery machine, but the refined oil cannot meet the standard. He came to ask if we can retrofit his refining equipment or not. Our sales introduced the edible oil refining process flow chart of ours. Till that moment, this customer knew there isn’t deodorization part of his edible oil refinery plant. 

edible oil refining process flow chartHenan Doing Company's edible oil refining process flow chart

If only through neutralization and bleaching steps, actually we cannot see the difference of refined oil quality with eyes, but through testing, its quality is lower than the standard.

We Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,ltd will supply to you complete edible oil refinery plant. Steam deodorized tank need 260 degree temperature, so its material must to be stainless steel. In this process, direct steam is mainly to promote the full mixing of oil, and expand the published area and facilitate the removal of odorous substances at a lower temperature. As the following pictures are the project cases of edible oil refinery plant we has installed.

edible oil refinery projectThe deodorization part in our edible oil refinery plant projects

So you can see, steam deodorization is indispensable in edible oil refining process. If you to set up an edible oil refinery plant or know more details of steam deodorization process, we welcome your asking!

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