What chemicals are used in refining process of edible oil?

In the refining process of edible oil, three kinds of chemicals will be usually used. They are phosphoric acid, alkali, white clay. Do you know what functions they have?

Phosphoric acid is used to make it easier to remove the gums from edible oil. Generally, hot water or electrolyte solution can make the colloidal impurity in the oil absorb water to become bigger, and form hydrate. However, adding some phosphoric acid solution will have better effect, such as less oil loss, less phosphorus content in the edible oil.

refining process of vegetable oilThe hot water tank of batch type edible oil refining machine

Alkali is used in chemical refining process of edible oil. It will be reacted with free fatty acid, which is called neutralization process or deacidification process. After reaction, the nigre can be discharged out to make soap.

White clay is used in the bleaching process, also called decolorization process of edible oil. The pigment in edible oil was removed by adsorption of white clay. In this process, it will use leaf filter and vacuum system.

refining process of vegetable oilAdd white clay in the decolorization process

Except from these chemicals, in the edible oil refining process, it also need conduction oil and steam to provide the quantity of heat.

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