With the development of the Belt and Road, Doing Company hope bringing more benefits to customers

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To responding to the Belt and Road initiative, more and more national company to set off a new round of "going out" tide, accelerate overseas business layout. Henan Doing mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is also actively responding to the call of the Belt and Road and strive to win the best interests for customers and achieve win-win results.

 the Belt and Road
China's the Belt and Road initiative

“The Belt and Road "initiative through the promotion of economic growth and trade, create employment and income, infrastructure, training and capacity building, the enormous potential to support the goal of sustainable development, including in the elimination of hunger and poverty, energy, water and sanitation, industrialization, infrastructure, sustainable city, peace and security All aspects of the global partnership, such as global partnership.
the belt and road
The routes of the Belt and Road

Henan Doing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. not only is manufacturer and supplier, but also has an own foreign trade team. So, we can put the price to the lowest level and give the customers the biggest discount. Once the big scale vegetable oil refinery plant project is completed, it will be beneficial to the local economic growth, employment income and so on. During the seven years of foreign trade, Henan Doing Company has always placed customers first. According to the actual situation of customers, we can help customers design the best project plan, including factory location, land area, design and construction of oil mill and it’s foundation . As long as our customer need, we will do our best, because the customer’s satisfaction is our greatest wish.

Doing group
The equipment production in our factory
Friendly exchanging between countries lies in friendly relations and cooperation between their peoples. The Belt and Road is taking cultural exchanges as the link, reinforcing the interconnection of social foundation by the internet, innovating the model of cooperation and development, achieving regional cooperation. Henan Doing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. will continue working on the research and development of edible oil refinery machine, including the palm oil refinery plant and palm kernel oil refining machine. We hope that our equipment is the best for customers’ need and can gain more benefits for our customers.

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