What are the benefits of cooking oil refining?

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The purpose of cooking oil refining is to remove unwanted impurities from crude cooking oil through technical means in order to meet a certain standard and ensure the health of the cooking oil. Refining cooking oil has four main benefits.

1. Ability to extend the storage time of cooking oil

In the deacidification section of refining, free fatty acids can be removed from the crude cooking oil. The high content of free fatty acids will cause the oil to rancidize in a short period of time, and the rancid cooking oil is inedible, which greatly affects the storage time of the cooking oil.

2. Can improve the quality of cooking oil

In the degumming section of refining, the fat-soluble impurities in the crude cooking oil can be removed. These substances can make the cooking oil look very cloudy. Decolorization can make the dark colored crude cooking oil become more golden in color and clear. Enhances the appearance of cooking oil. Deodorization section, which can remove the odor in the crude cooking oil to avoid affecting our consumption experience.

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3. Gain more profit

The market value of refined cooking oil is higher than that of crude cooking oil, and the profit is higher. At the same time, the by-products produced during the refining process, such as soap stock and fatty acids, can be used to produce products such as soap, which can be used to make more profit.

4. Improve edible value

Last but not least, it can improve the edible value of the cooking oil and prevent the impurities in the gross oil from affecting human health.The most important purpose of refining cooking oil, and the most beneficial reason, is that it can remove impurities in the crude cooking oil that are harmful to human health, such as cotton phenol.

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