How to get refined soybean oil from crude soybean oil?

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Generally, the crude soybean oil is from soybean oil pressing plant or solvent extraction plant, and there will be impurities in it, which will make it not be qualified with the national standard. If you want to get refined soybean oil from crude soybean oil, you need four steps: degumming, deacidification, decolorization, and deodorization. After the four steps of refining processes, you will get refined soybean oil that is qualified with the national standard, and can be sold in the market.

soybean oil refinery machineHenan Glory soybean oil refinery machine

In this article, we will take the Henan Glory soybean oil refinery machine as an example to explore the refined soybean oil making process.

1. Degumming

This step is critical to improving the quality of the oil. The extracted crude soybean oil contains impurities such as phospholipids, which must be removed at the first step. Because these impurities will affect the stability of oil storage and will also affect subsequent refining steps of soybean oil.

2. Deacidification

After degumming, the crude soybean oil undergoes a deacidification step to remove free fatty acids and other impurities. An alkaline solution (usually sodium hydroxide NaOH) is added to the soybean oil. This process helps remove acids and impurities (soapstock, produced by acid-base neutralization saponification reactions, can absorb suspended impurities) while improving the stability and color of the oil.

soybean oil refinery plantThe decolorization tank of soybean oil refinery machine

3. Decolorization

To improve the appearance and clarity of the oil, the neutralized oil goes through a decolorization process. Add the activated white clay and it can adsorb pigments of the oil, resulting in a brighter soybean oil and extending the shelf life of oil products.

4. Deodorization.

Next, the oil undergoes deodorization to eliminate any unwanted odors and flavors. Finish this step, you will get the soybean refined oil. Steam distillation is employed to remove volatile compounds responsible for off-flavors. This crucial step helps enhance the sensory quality of the soybean oil.

The above are the complete steps for refined soybean oil making using Henan Glory soybean oil refinery machine. As a soybean oil refinery machine manufacturer that has been developing for many years, DOING GROUP -- Henan Glory Company has developed different soybean oil refinery machines that can be chosen from, including batch type, semi-continuous type and fully continuous type.

soybean oil refining machinesThe different types of Henan Glory soybean oil refinery machines

If you are interested in our soybean oil refinery machines or want to get other refined oil from crude oil, you can contact us at any time. We will try our best to give you the best solution.

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