How much does a small cooking oil refinery plant cost?

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If you're considering venturing into the cooking oil production industry, understanding the costs involved is crucial. A small cooking oil refinery plant may cost between $30,000 and $180,000. It may be affected by factory scale, land location, machine and raw material costs. The following will be elaborated.

1. Scale and Location of the Plant:

The production capacity of small cooking oil refinery plants is usually 1 to 20 tons per day, the larger the capacity, the larger the land scale required, the higher the cost may be. Besides, the cost of the plant may vary depending on the location. It is recommended to consider the transportation costs of raw materials, and compare the local land rental prices.

cooking oil refinery plantDOING Group-Henan Glory small cooking oil refinery plant

2. Cooking Oil Refinery Machines

Small cooking oil refinery plants generally choose batch type(1-20TPD) cooking oil refinery machines. However, the cost of batch cooking oil refinery machines varies depending on processing capacity and machine materials.

2.1 Machine Processing Capacity

The larger the processing capacity of the cooking oil refinery machine, the higher the cost.

deodorization of cooking oil refinery The deodorization tank of Henan Glory cooking oil refinery machine

2.2 Machine Material

Cooking oil refinery machines are made of different materials and have different prices. The main part of Henan Golory batch cooking oil refinery machine consists of a degumming tank, a deacidification tank, a decolorization tank and a deodorization tank. Among them, the deodorization tank is made of food-grade stainless steel material, which can ensure the food safety of cooking oil. The other three tanks are generally made of carbon steel material. Of course, they can also be customized into food-grade stainless steel material. The price of stainless steel cooking oil refinery machines is higher than that of carbon steel.

3. Raw Material Source:

The availability of the oil seeds raw materials will impact the cost of the plant. If the raw materials are locally sourced, it can positively affect the overall expenses. It is recommended to purchase locally to reduce the transportation costs of raw materials.

 cooking oil refinery plantThe cooking oil refinery factory layout design

The above is a brief analysis of the small cooking oil refinery plant cost. If you need more detailed cost analysis, you can tell us, our project manager can do a free cost analysis according to your actual situation. Also, Henan Glory provides a full range of services, including the factory design of cooking oil refinery plant, machines installation guide, machines operation training, etc.. Welcome to consult us at any time.

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