How much does it cost to build a cooking oil refinery plant in Kenya?

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In recent years, Kenya has witnessed a growing demand for cooking oil due to population growth and changing dietary habits. To meet this increasing demand, setting up a cooking oil refinery plant in Kenya has become an attractive investment opportunity. The cost of building a cooking oil refinery plant in Kenya depends on the type of cooking oil refining machines you choose, plant location, and working capital. Here, Henan DOING Company, a cooking oil refinery machine manufacturer, will give you an introduction.

1. Cooking oil refinery machines

The following will introduce to you the processing capacity, main configuration and process characteristics of DOING three different types of cooking oil refinery machines and their costs.

Batch type cooking oil refinery machinesBatch type cooking oil refinery machines

If your raw material is relatively small, you can adopt a batch cooking oil refinery machine. This machine can handle less than 20 tons per day, mainly including alkali refining pot, decolorization pot, deodorization pot, filter, vacuum pump, heat conduction oil furnace and so on. The advantage of this equipment is simple operation, less investment, suitable for a variety of oil frequently replaced. Prices range from 730,000 to 1890,000 (KES).

If the planning processing capacity is 5–30 tons per day, you can choose a semi-continuous cooking oil refinery machine, the front of the deglue, decolorization for intermittent production, deacidification and deodorization using continuous production. The main machines have refining pot, decolorization pot, filter, gas separator, heat exchanger, cooler, deodorization tower, etc., the price ranges from 1455,000 to 3,637,500(KES).

cooking oil refinery plantDOING cooking oil refinery machines

If the planning processing capacity is more than 30 tons per day, you can use a full-countinuous cooking oil refinery machine, each section is continuous production, with less production consumption, low oil loss, refined oil quality and other characteristics. The price is more than 5,820,000(KES).

2. The location of the cooking oil refinery plant

The first consideration is finding suitable land to construct the cooking oil refinery plant. The cost of land varies depending on the location, size, and proximity to transportation infrastructure. Generally, the land cost for a medium-sized plant can range from 5 to 1 million Kenyan Shillings (KES).

Cooking oil refinery plantCooking oil refinery plant

3. Working Capital

Setting aside sufficient working capital for initial operational costs, employee salaries, raw material procurement, and marketing efforts is essential. The working capital requirement may vary depending on the scale of the refinery plant and is typically estimated at around 1 million KES.

The above is the reference data on the cost of building a cooking oil refinery plant in Kenya. The actual cost depends on the actual processing capacity of the cooking oil refinery plant. For specific data, you may wish to leave a message telling us your estimated daily processing capacity. Henan DOING Company has the most advanced refining technology and cooking oil refinery machines, the most professional R & D team, which can help you develop your business smoothly, welcome to consult.

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