Cottonseed oil refinery plant

Cottonseed oil refinery plant is a necessary part of cottonseed oil mill plant. Because crude cottonseed oil cannot be directly used by human if without any farther refining process.

Cottonseed oil is extracted from cottonseeds, whose fatty acid profile generally consists of 70% unsaturated fatty acids and 26% saturated fatty acids. In cottonseed oil, there is gossypol, which is a toxic, yellow, polyphenolic compound. The final cottonseed oil should be eliminate the gossypol content.

cottonseed oilRefined cottonseed oil processed by cottonseed oil refinery plant

Main process of the cottonseed oil refinery plant:

1. Crude cottonseed oil degumming process

2. Crude cottonseed oil deacidification/neutralization process

3. Crude cottonseed oil decolorizing process

4. Crude cottonseed oil deodorization/distillation(deodorizing unit) process

5.Crude cottonseed oil dewaxing process

Flow chart of cottonseed oil refining process:

Crude cottonseed oil → degumming and deacidification→ decolorization →deodorization →dewaxing→ refined cottonseed oil

cottonseed oil refining processCottonseed oil refining process flow chart

Main function in each part of cottonseed oil refinery plant:

a. Degumming part: To remove the colloid soluble impurities, and prepare for the subsequent refining process.

b. Deacidification part: It is used to move the acid in the crude oil.

c. Decolorization part: The white clay is used to move the color of the cottonseed oil.

d. Deodorization part: The smell of the cottonseed oil is moved by steam.

cottonseed oil refining machine Main equipment used in cottonseed oil refining machine

In the cottonseed oil refinery plant, there is degumming tank, deacidification tank, centrifuge, heat conducting oil boiler, decolorization tower, deodorization tower, vacuum pump, air compressor, air press, steam generator, filter.

The advantages of DOING cottonseed oil refinery plant:

1. After refining, the impurity of oil is less than 0.2%;

2. Recycling system save power and money;

3. Lower oil waste.

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