Palm oil press machine

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1. Reasonable structure & stable performance;
2. Easy to operate and maintain
3. High oil yeild & low waste;
4. 40 years' manufacturing experience
5. 1 year warranty.
palm oil press machine Process in brief is as under:
palm oil press machine
1. Digester/ Steriliser: Fresh fruit bunches harvested from palm plantation should be boiled for 2 hour in 24 hours to inactivate fatty enzyme in palm fruit. Without this step, palm oil would effected by fatty enzyme to resolve to fatty acid which would enhance the Acid Value of palm oil.
palm oil press machine
2. Seperator/Thresher: Palm fruit must be seperated from fresh fruit bunches for further press. If you have enough manpower, this step can be achieved by hand, if not, we can also offer thresher to seperate palm fruit from fresh fruit bunches.
palm oi l press machine
3. Palm oil press machine:
A: some capacity We can offer a mini palm oil press machine named DY-130, whose capacity is 300-500kg/h. This machine is newly designed by our professional engineer according to customers' demand. With reasonable structure and stable performance, it is hot sale in Africa and Asian.
palm oil press machine
Capacity(kg/h) 300-500
Main power(kW) Diesel (8HP)
Motor (4kW)
Speed of mainshaft 25-35r/min
Boiling Time 2h
Weight (kg) 350
Package size (mm) 1500*800*1200

B: Large-scale: We have professional engineers who can help you design the workshop according to your requirements. We can also provide turn-key service. If you are interested in palm oil industry, please feel free to contact us.

We can offer whole line or part of palm oil press machine, from 5-3000TPD. If you are interested in palm oil industry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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