Why to choose water degumming method in soybean oil refining process?

Because water degumming method is suitable for crude oil which contains much gums, in soybean oil refining process, engineers generally recommend to choose water degumming method to remove gums in soybean oil, so as to reach best degumming effect. Then, do you know what the principle of water degumming method is?

Water degumming method is using the hydrophilicity of colloidal impurities to remove the gums out. The main content of gums is phospholipid. So degumming is also called dephosphorize. Because phospholipid has strong water absorption characteristics, adding hot water, the gums will gradually form large flocculus. Then settle for some time, and the sediment can be drained out.

water degumming of soybean oilWater degumming process 3D animation

Compare with other crude oil, soybean oil is with 2% phospholipid content, belongs to high phospholipid content oil. Thus, the best way to remove gums in the soybean oil is water degumming method.

In different soybean oil refinery plant, there are two kinds of water degumming method: batch type and continuous type. But the process is same.

Water degumming process of soybean oil:

Crude soybean oil→ Preheating→ Hydration→ Settlement→ Separation→ Containing water degumming oil→ Dry-degumming oil

In batch type soybean oil refinery plant, it mainly uses settlement method to separate gums from oil. While in continuous soybean oil refinery plant, it uses disk centrifuge to separate gums from oil.

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