How many ways are there to remove the gum in crude vegetable oil?

There are two ways to remove the gum in crude vegetable oil in vegetable oil refining process. One is hydration degumming way, the other is dry degumming way. These two ways are suitable for different crude vegetable oil. Generally, the engineers of Henan Doing Company can design the degumming process of vegetable oil according to your crude oil kind. 

Hydration degumming way is sutable for those crude oil with high colloid content, like soybean oil. It is using the hydrophilicity of colloid impurities, by adding hot water or electrolyte solution to make the colloid absorb water to become larger, and then using gravity or centrifuge can separate the colloid impurities from oil. But you should know that hydration degumming way will produce large quality of waste water, which means you should to build waste water treatment system together.

degumming process of vegetable oilThe Hydration degumming way of vegetable oil

The dry degumming method is often used in those crude oil that contains low colloid content, like palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, peanut oil and olive oil. It is a way of combining with decolorization process. To add a certain amount of phosphoric acid, and mix with crude oil, and then in decolorization process, white clay can absorb the colloid impurities to remove them.

dry degumming process of vegetable oilThe dry degumming way of vegetable oil

The degumming process of vegetable oil is a very important section in vegetable oil refining process. Because except for colloid impurities, there are also proteins and their breakdown products, phlegmatic, a complex of colloid and a variety of metals, etc, the exist of these substances not only influences the quality of product oil and the stability of vegetable oil storage, but also affects the subsequent vegetable oil refining process and the further processing of the vegetable oil.

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