The bleaching process of crude vegetable oil

As we know, crude vegetable oil usually contains pigment, which not only is harmful for human health, but also leads to crude vegetable oil color too dark, do not meet the standard. Thus, in vegetable oil refining process, it has one step to remove the pigments in the crude vegetable, which we also called bleaching.

crude vegetable oilCrude vegetable with dark color

The bleaching process of crude vegetable oil is a physical process, usually by adding white clay or active carbon to absorb most of the pigment away as well as part of residual phosphatides, metals, soaps and oxidation products. Finally, remove the waste white clay by leaf-filter machine.

white clayWhite clay and the effect after bleaching

According to our engineers, other parts in vegetable oil refining process like degumming, deacidification and deodorization can also help remove some of the pigments in the crude vegetable oil.

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