How to obtain bleaching palm oil? What process do we need?

We all know that if we want to get palm oil, we need to conduct several steps of sterilizing, threshing, pressing, filtering and drying. But at this time, the palm oil we obtained is red crude oil. If we want to get bleaching palm oil, we need to refine crude palm oil.

Generally speaking, bleaching is a part of palm oil refining. Only after refining, we will get odourless, yellow and easy to preserve palm oil. Refining requires the following steps.

edible oil refinery machineSmall scale edible oil refinery process

1. Degumming: We generally have two methods: hydrating degumming and dry degumming. Because palm oil has less gum, we usually use dry degumming. Dry degumming is to add phosphoric acid, stir well and let it react with the gum in crude palm oil, and then discharge the gum.

2. Deacidification: Deacidification can remove free fatty acids in palm oil. We generally use sodium hydroxide or high-temperature steam for deacidification. The deacidified oil tastes better, and the preservation time is longer.

3. Bleaching: Bleaching is to turn red crude palm oil into yellow. To get bleaching oil, we need to add white clay to absorb the pigments and impurities in the palm oil. Then, the white clay is separated by a leaf filter.

4. Deodorization: Deodorization can remove the peculiar smell in the oil, improve the smoke point of the oil, and improve the flavor of the palm oil. Generally, we inlet high-temperature steam into the palm oil, and use the method of distillation to volatilize the smelly substances in the palm oil.

vegetable oil refinery machineLarge scale edible oil refinery plant

After the above four processes, we can get bleaching and refining palm oil. Whether you already have your own palm oil press plant or plan to buy palm crude oil to refine, Henan Doing company can recommend the appropriate capacity and refining machine for you. If you have any needs, please contact us.

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