Vegetable oil refining, bleaching and deodorizing process introduction

Vegetable oil refining, bleaching and deodorizing process are a complete process for removing different kinds of impurities from crude oil so as to make the crude oil become refined edible oil. About the specific steps, here Doing Company will introduce them for you one by one.

1. The degumming and deacidification of vegetable oil refining process:

Generally, if using chemical refining method, the degumming process and deacidification process are finished together in a refining tank. First, add hot water or phosphoric acid solution, make the colloid impurities hydrate, and then are discharged out. Second, add alkali liquor to neutralize the free fatty acid in crude oil, then the soap stock will be generated and be discharged out.

vegetable oil refining machineChemical deacidification process of vegetable oil

If using physical refining method, the degumming process is same as the above. However, the deacidification process will be finished with deodorizing process in continuous deodorizing tower. It is using high temperature steam to distill the FFA out, and then the FFA will be cooled and collected.

vegetable oil refining machineThe upper part of continuous deodorizing tower is used to finish deacidification process

2. The vegetable oil bleaching process

Vegetable oil bleaching process is also called decolorization process. It is using activated white clay to absorb the pigments of crude oil, and make the color of oil become lighter. The waste white clay will be filtered out by leaf filter.

3. The vegetable oil deodorizing process

Vegetable oil deodorizing process is to remove the bad smell from crude oil, such as beany flavor, unboiled oil flavor. And after deodorizing, the smoke point of vegetable oil will be improved a lot. The method of vegetable oil deodorizing is to inject high temperature steam, make the odors volatilize out of the deodorizing tank. The principle of vegetable oil deodorizing, same as physical deacidification method, is also distillation principle. So the steam generator or steam boiler is a necessary equipment in vegetable oil refinery plant.

Besides, different kinds of crude oil may be suitable for different vegetable oil refining process. So, if you want to build a vegetable oil refinery plant, please tell us your crude oil kind and the parameters requirement of final vegetable oil, and DOING engineers will design suitable vegetable oil refining, bleaching and deodorizing process for you. Welcome you to leave a message!

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