What machines are needed to set up a refined groundnut oil plant?

If you want to set up a refined groundnut oil plant, then you need to have sufficient groundnut crude oil, and need to be equipped with deacidification, degumming, decolorization, deodorization and filter machines. According to your different processing capacity, we can provide batch-type refining production line, semi-batch refining production line, full continuous refining production line. But no matter what kind of production line, it needs to go through several steps of degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization.

cooking oil refinery machineDifferent type groundnut oil refinery machine

Degumming tank: Degumming tank can be used to remove the gum in groundnut oil. Gum will affect the subsequent deacidification, decolorization and deodorization part of groundnut oil refinery. And gum will affect the shelf life of groundnut oil.

Deacidification tank: The role of the deacidification tank is to remove free fatty acids in groundnut oil. Free fatty acids not only affect the taste of groundnut oil, but also affect the storage of groundnut oil. High Free fatty acid content makes groundnut oil more prone to rancidity.

Decolorizing tank: The crude oil obtained by pressing or solvent extracting is darker in color. It is different from the color of edible oil we have seen on the market. We use white clay to absorb the pigments and impurities in groundnut oil in the decolorizing tank to make its color lighter.

Deodorization tank: Because groundnut oil contains aldehydes, ketones, free fatty acids, unsaturated hydrocarbons and other substances. These substances will greatly affect the smell of groundnut oil and we need to use high temperature steam to deodorize groundnut oil.

Filters: Various filters are required in the groundnut oil refining process, such as leaf filters, plate filters, etc. These machines can remove impurities in groundnut oil, waste clay and other substances.

cooking oil refining machineSmall scale batch type groundnut oil refining production line

These are the machines needed to set up a refined groundnut oil plant. Of course, the entire refined groundnut oil production line will be more complicated. The above mentioned are only the main equipment. If you want to set up a refined groundnut oil plant and know more details, please contact Henan Doing Company. We can design and customize a refined groundnut oil production line for you.

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