How is the refined coconut oil made in vegetable oil refinery?

Coconut oil is light yellow color oil, which is extracted from dried coconuts by mechanical screw coconut oil pressing machine. But the coconut oil obtained is crude oil, which can not be as cooking oil sold in the supermarket. It must be refined in vegetable oil refinery. Then do you know how the crude coconut oil is refined in the vegetable oil refinery?

Crude coconut oil generally has high free fatty acid content, and they are easily dissolved in water. So it is usually used to get raw materials to make soap through chemical refining method. However, if you want to get high quality RBD coconut oil, our engineer will suggest you to use physical refining technology, which can make sure to obtain the good effect of deacidification.

The physical refining process of coconut oil:

coconut oil refining processCoconut oil refining process flow chart

As the above picture shows, the physical refining process of coconut oil has three sections: degumming, decolorization and deacidification&deodorization.

Degumming: Using dry degumming method, after pre-heating, add P-acid liquor to mix with crude coconut oil.

Decolorization: After vacuuming procedure, add white clay to mix with degummed oil, and then is filtered by leaf filter.

Deacidification&Deodorization: After vacuuming procedure, the decolorized oil is sent into deodorization tower. At the upper part, the high temperature steam will distill the free fatty acid out. And then at the lower part, the odors will be brought out by distillation.

coconut oil refining machineThe inner structure of deodorization tower

In coconut oil refining process, the distillation effect of deacidification and deodorization are the main factors affecting the overall process consumption of physical refining of coconut oil. Due to the large fluctuation range of the oleic acid value of the crude coconut oil, it is necessary to make appropriate adjustment to the process conditions to ensure the refining consumption within a reasonable range. In principle, when the oleic acid value is higher, use lower distillation temperature and smaller flow rate, a prolonged residence time. When the crude oleic acid value is lower, higher temperature and larger flow rate are used.

In tropical climates areas and majority of the coastal countries, the coconut oil is widely consumed as their staple diet in their food. Refined coconut oil offers an extensive array of health benefits, and very popular among consumers. If you want to set up a coconut oil refinery plant, please contact Henan Doing Company. Our sales manager and engineers will give you best suggestion.

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