How can you guide me in constructing rice bran oil refinery plant?

It is well known that crude cooking oil has to be refined to be edible. So if we want to build a rice bran oil refinery plant, what do we need to do to prepare? In fact, it can be roughly divided into three steps, let me give you the most professional guidance.

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First of all. We need to determine the amount of crude cooking oil, which is related to the capacity of refining we are going to fit, so this is very important. So we need to first confirm where we get our crude cooking oil from. If we buy from other rice bran oil plants, what capacity rice bran oil refinery plant do we want to start with? If we were to extract our own crude rice bran oil, how much crude rice bran oil would we now be getting per day? Confirm this information, we will have the most perfect refining capacity.

Second. The construction of the rice bran oil refinery plant. To build a rice bran oil refinery plant, we must have suitable land to build on. If we extract the crude rice bran oil for refining by ourselves, the refining workshop had better be next to the current rice bran oil workshop, which is time-saving and labor-saving and high-efficiency.And the rice bran oil refinery plant had better be near water, convenient transportation, electricity stable place.(Recommend reading: Rice bran oil refinery plant)

Third. Selection of rice bran oil refining machine and refining process. Rice bran oil refining can be divided into batch refining, semi-continuous refining and fully continuous refining according to our processing capacity. Capacity is one factor, on the other hand also related to our investment cost. So we need to choose the most appropriate type of refining based on cost and capacity. Then, choose rice bran oil refining machine, refining is a complex process, it needs to go through degumming and deacidification, decolorization, deodorization, etc., involves a lot of machines, so we have to choose a lot of project experience manufacturers to produce equipment for us.

Rice bran oil refining machine photo.jpgRice bran oil refining machine photo

This is the general preparation we need before setting up an rice bran oil refinery plant. It includes the acquisition of raw materials, the construction of the plant and the selection of equipment. If we do these preliminary works well, we will proceed in an orderly manner in the later stage.

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