Building a 5 TPD coconut oil refinery plant FAQ

Recently, more and more customers are asking how to build a cooking oil refinery plant. Generally, a cooking oil refinery plant can refine a variety of oils. Let’s take coconut oil as an example, here are some common questions people ask about building a 5 TPD coconut oil refinery plant, let’s me explain to you.

Refined cooking oil.jpgRefined cooking oil

1.what is the expected final coconut oil specification suitable as cooking oil?

Crude coconut oil after deacidification, degumming, decolorization, deodorization and other refining processes is resistant to high temperature, can be fried, and has certain anti-inflammatory and disinfection properties. It is mostly used in food, cosmetics, and high-grade feed products.

Refined coconut oil needs to meet the following indicators:

AppearanceSmellAcid value (mgKOH/g)Color (25.4mm R/Y)Peroxide value PV (mmol/KG)Iodine value 1V(g1/100g)Moisture and volatile matter (%)Melting point MPT (°C)
clear oily liquidunique taste of coconut oil0.13R1.2Y120.88.070.0324.5

2.What is the space area required for a 5 TPD coconut oil refinery plant?

A 5 TPD coconut oil refinery plant requires a site length of 15 meters. The width is 8 meters and the height is 7 meters. The 5 TPD coconut oil refinery plant needs water source and stable power support.

5 TPD coconut oil refinery plant.jpg5 TPD coconut oil refinery plant

3. What is the expected delivery period from order to completion?

The delivery time is about 45 days. After the payment is placed, we will apply for the factory to start production. The engineer will start to design the equipment layout for you according to your site conditions. After the production is completed, you will be invited to the factory for inspection, or video inspection. The transportation of the machine will start after there is no problem, and the production cycle is about 45 days. You can arrange your order time according to the delivery date.

4. what are the machinery involved?

The main equipment for 5 TPD coconut oil refinery plant includes four tanks for degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization, heat conduction oil furnace, vacuum pump, leaf filter and other equipment.

Cooking oil refining machine.jpgCooking oil refining machine

5. What is the investment cost of 5 TPD coconut oil refinery plant?

The cost of this 5 TPD coconut oil refinery plant needs about $60,000 we also can design machine according to your specific require.

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