The difference between cold pressed groundnut oil and refined groundnut oil

Cold pressed groundnut oil and refined groundnut oil are quite different in terms of production process, processing machine, and oil quality. As one of the common cooking oils, groundnut oil has clear color, tangy aroma, and delicious taste. It is a relatively easy-to-digest cooking oil and is popular all over the world.

Difference between cold pressed groundnut oil and refined groundnut oil.jpgDifference between cold pressed groundnut oil and refined groundnut oil

In the production of groundnut oil, some customers choose cold pressing, and some customers choose to further refine the cold pressed groundnut oil, so what is the specific difference between cold pressed groundnut oil and refined groundnut oil? Let's find out.

1. Difference in production process

Cold pressed groundnut oil needs to be processed at a temperature below 60 degrees Celsius. It is a green production technology, but the oil yield is low. The production process is as follows: the groundnut is passed through the cleaning machine to obtain clean groundnut seeds, then the groundnut seeds are crushed and flaked, and the obtained groundnut flakes are put into a roaster for cooking, and finally pressed and filtered to obtain crude groundnut oil and groundnut cakes.

Cold pressed groundnut oil production process.jpgCold pressed groundnut oil production process

Refined groundnut oil refers to the deep processing of crude groundnut oil to remove harmful impurities in the crude groundnut oil, so as to obtain refined groundnut oil that meets the national quality standards, and then sell it in the market. The refining process is the process of degumming, deacidifying, decolorizing and deodorizing under high temperature and high pressure.

2. Differences in processing machine

For cold pressed groundnut oil, if your budget is low and processing capacity is small, you can choose groundnut oil press or roaster, oil press, filter, etc. If your budget is sufficient and the processing capacity is large, it is recommended that you equip a sheller, vibrating screen, magnetic separator, crusher, flaking machine, roaster, oil press, filter and other equipment.

For refined groundnut oil, the main equipment includes degumming tank, deacidification tank, decolorization tank, deodorization tank, heat conduction oil furnace, vacuum pump, leaf filter and other equipment.(Recommend reading: Groundnut/ Peanut oil refinery plant

Groundnut oil refining machine.jpgGroundnut oil refining machine

3. Difference in oil quality

Cold pressed groundnut oil and refined groundnut oil.jpgCold pressed groundnut oil and refined groundnut oil

The groundnut oil obtained by cold pressing is crude groundnut oil. During the cold pressing process, the nutrients and active ingredients are completely preserved, and the protein content is high. The flavor of the cold pressed groundnut oil is also very popular. But some impurities in groundnut oil could not be removed.

Refined groundnut oil will destroy the protein structure, and the nutrition and flavor are not as good as cold-pressed groundnut oil, but the harmful impurities in the groundnut oil are removed through refining, and the color and storage stability of the oil are effectively improved.

Overall, there are pros and cons to both cold pressed and refined groundnut oils. We just need to choose the one that meets our requirements. If you want to know more about groundnut oil processing machine, or want to invest in groundnut oil production business, please feel free to contact us. We have rich experience and can provide you with the most professional advice.

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