Does soybean oil need to be refined?

In recent years, the global production and consumption of soybean oil have shown an upward trend. As we all konw, for the production of soybean oil, pressing and solvent extraction process are mainly used. So, can the soybean oil obtained by pressing or solvent extraction process be eaten directly? Does soybean oil need to be refined?

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Regardless of whether it is obtained by pressing or solvent extraction crude soybean oil, the crude soybean oil contains insoluble impurities such as cake powder, fiber, free fatty acids, aflatoxin, colloid, pigment, and other soluble impurities, as well as volatile impurities such as moisture and metal odors. Moreover, for the crude soybean oil obtained by the solvent extraction process, the crude soybean oil also contains a small amount of solvents that are not conducive to human health. These impurities need to be removed through refining to obtain clean, high-quality, and healthier refined soybean oil.

For the above impurities, we adopt a complete set of refining processes, including degumming, deacidification, decolorization, and deodorization, to remove impurities from crude oil, greatly improving the quality of edible oil.

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Degumming is mainly achieved by introducing high-temperature steam into the edible oil and adding phosphoric acid to separate the colloidal groups in the oil from the edible oil. After removing the colloidal impurities from the edible oil, the edible oil will become clearer. Moreover, for soybean oil, the phospholipid obtained after degumming is a widely used by-product, which is one of the most important raw materials for animal feed production.

Deacidification: By adding food grade sodium hydroxide, free fatty acids and other harmful chemical impurities in edible oil are removed. The obtained by-product soap stock can also be used to process soap.

Decolorization involves mainly adding active clay to adsorb the pigment of edible oil to obtain a more golden edible oil.

Deodorization: Place the oil under high temperature and negative pressure for processing, remove the odor analysis in the edible oil, and improve the odor of the edible oil.

After refining, the finished soybean oil obtained not only has a golden color, clear color, is not easy to deteriorate, and has a fragrance, but also is more healthy. This also brings us more profits. If you want to refine soybean oil, Henan Glory Company can provide high quality edible oil refining machine for you.(Recommend reading: Batch type edible oil refinery plant)

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