100tpd palm oil refinery & fractionation plant is installing in Kenya

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palm oil refinery plant
Palm oil refining machine
Program: Installation, Instruction and Commission.
Participants: Site Manager,Welder and Translator.
Starting Time: Officially started from 1st of December,2017.
Perspective Completion Time: 1st April.2018.
Time Consumption: 3 months.
The technician procedure are like following:Project of  100TPD Dry Process Fully Continuous Refining & Fractionation Plant
Capacity:  100T/D CPO

100tpd palm oil refinery & fractionation plant pictures :

palm oil refining machine
Palm oil refining machine
palm oil refining machine
Palm oil refining machine

100tpd Palm Oil Refining Process Description
Continuous bleaching and filtering section
The newly completed continuous bleaching section uses two alternate filters. The mixing oil and earth flow into the Vacuum bleaching tower. The bleached oil is pumped through the alternate filters. The valves are automatic switched. Filtered oil is pumped into deodorization section after safety filters.
Fractionation Process of Palm Oil Description
The dry fractionation of palm oil includes crystallization section and filtration section. The plant is designed to continuously process RBD Palm Oil with operations as described in the following sections:
Crystallization Section
Feedstock is heated and pumped to crystallizers. The oil is cooled according to a pre-determined cooling profile by means of controlling the temperature of the cooling medium circulating in the cooling coils. The design of this cooling profile depends on the quality of feedstock and the quality of olein/stearin fractions required. This is to keep the oil homogenized with frequency mechanical agitation in the crystallizers. A typical cooling program lasts for a certain time, depending on the quality of feedstock and product. When the oil appears as a thick semi-solid mass (slurry) containing stearin crystals in liquid olein, it is ready for filtration. If the crystallization result is not desirable, the slurry can be circulated through the feed oil heater for re-heating before being sent back to the feed oil tank for re-processing.
Filtration Section
When crystallization is completed, the slurry is fed to the Membrane Filter Press for filtration. The operation includes filter feed, filtering, squeezing and cake releasing.
When the chambers are full after cake forming, the pumping will stop and the membranes are inflated to squeeze dry the filter cakes. After which, the residual oil in the core is blown dry by compressed air. Thereafter, the filter is opened and the cake will drop into a stearin tank. The stearin cake is melted in this tank by steam coils before it is discharged to storage. Olein flows into the olein tank, and is pumped to the outer olein storage tank.
The membrane filter press requires cleaning after several filtration cycles.

These above contents are the profession theory regarding how best apply the production line. They are the standard reference when technician use. So far the pipe works for fractionation side has been completed  up to 9th of February, there are some pipes within the refinery side has been connected as well, but it shall be continued by the end of April in the year 2018.  
This program are mainly involve Equipment Installation, Technician Instruction and Commissioning.
Installation are included the following steps:  Verification of all the material what including types and quantity of pipes, pumps, valves, flanges ,reducers and many other parts and materials. The reason all the materials have to be sorted out and verified are only because that all the same materials should be collected at a same position for the convenience of future using.  Then with the progress of positioning the equipment the equipment has to be prioritized by order and should be getting ready near the factory, the crane shall has to be standing by all the time.  
After all the equipment are being positioned on their position, then that is the time for the piping, the piping work shall be complied with the following rules: Using Material Economically, better looking, Connect Reasonably and Convienient for operating.
Also it has to be avoid any blocks by connecting scientifically.
After the equipment and pipes lines are being completed that is the time for commissioning, also the crew shall apply for a demonstration for the clients to operate the plan also some other constructive suggestions shall be provided also.  There will be the electrician and heating material fitters to be joined the program when the installation program is being completed. 
The commissioning shall be proceed once everything is ready, because it is a very crucial stage for the manufacturer to test the equipment and hand it over to the client.
This 100tpd palm oil refinery & fractionation plant is a very advanced plant and it is a fully automatic production line. Moreover it is likely being operated in April as the client mentioned the month April is a high time for going to the edible oil market.
We really wish the client a successful business in the edible oil field, we shall continue observe the progress of growing in this plant. 
Thank you for your reading, we hope you can join us hand in hand in doing this program together and move forward to the goal of success.

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