Why so many customers choose to buy edible oil refinery machines from China?

Edible oil refinery machines are sold in Europe, India, China, etc. Why so many customers choose to buy edible oil refinery machines from China in recent years? Let's talk about it together.

Firstly, it is price. Generally speaking, European edible oil refinery machine's price is the highest. And Indian edible oil refinery machine's price may be the lowest. Some customers want cheapest edible oil refinery machine, so they buy it from India. But there is another factor which is more important for customer--refining technology and machine quality is different.

edible oil refinery machineCameroon customer came to inspect the quality and materials of Doing Company's edible oil refinery machine

As for technology and quality, it is like buying a car. American and European cars have advanced technology and higher quality, but its price is too much, so that not all people can afford it. Then, with the development of technology, Chinese edible oil refinery machine's quality has became better and better, which obtained many customers' approval. The most important is that the price of Chinese edible oil refinery machine is reasonable.

Besides, it is worth to pay attention that some edible oil refinery machine doesn't contains deodorization part, so its price is lower. In fact, the complete edible oil refining process includes four parts: degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. If there is not deodorization part, it is not unqualified.

edible oil refinery process flow chartEdible oil refinery process flow chart

One Belt And One Road brings more foreign customers to China, and Henan Doing Company is very glad to have more opportunity to cooperate with foreign customers from different countries. We not only has been insisting in improving the technology and quality of edible oil refinery machine, but also built the branch in Lagos, Nigeria, in order to make our customer convient to buy machines or get better after-sales services and spare parts easily.

If you want to buy edible oil refinery machine, please compare different suppliers, including price, technology, quality, experience, manufacturing capacity, etc. Of course, you can contact us -- Henan Doing Company. Our engineers and sales manager will give you the suitable suggestions.

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