What should I do if I wish to extend my cooking oil refining plant?

If you wish to extend your cooking oil refining plant, normally there are three methods can be chosen: 1. You can put another main machines beside the old machines if your plant has extra space. 2. Change the main parts of the old cooking oil refining plant, such as the deodorization part. 3. Build a new cooking oil refining plant afresh.

But besides, there are still something you should know. Generally, the refining tanks and towers of the cooking oil refining plant are comes with other equipment together based on the input capacity and can not be changed as soon as it is finished.

cooking oil refining plantDifferent capacities cooking oil refining plant has different size refining tanks

So if you want to extend the volume of cooking oil refining plant, you can put the new tanks and towers beside the old ones if there are extra space, and you maybe need replace some auxiliary equipment.

If there is no extra space beside, you can choose to change the main parts of the cooking oil refining plant firstly. For example, our one customer ask us to replace his deodorization part to the bigger capacity. If so, you can use some machines of the previous cooking oil refining plant. But the disadvantages are that there will be many questions need to be confirmed with engineer in advance, and the cooking oil refining technology will be limited and can not update to the most advanced.

cooking oil refining plantThe deodorization tank can be replaced by deodorization tower

The best way to do is to build a new cooking oil refining plant if you have enough budget, which will be more convenient and easy to operate. And the old and the new cooking oil refining plant can both work at the same time.

Whichever method you choose, the necessary thing you should do is to let the engineer to know your previous cooking oil refining plant technical, so that they can design the most suitable proposal depending on your plant conditions. And then you can compare the cost, time, efficiency and so on to choose the best one for yourself.

When decide the proposal, if need we will visit your factory to make the drawings, and then prepare the machines' designing for manufacturing. Welcome to send your requirement to us!

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