What is the process of fractionation in palm oil?

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The process of fractionation in palm oil is further processed after refining. Palm oil fractionation mainly uses the difference in the melting points of olein and stearin to separate the oil in the two states. The operation process includes heating, crystallization and filtration. The palm oil fractionation machine used includes crystallization tanks, membrane filters. The palm oil fractionation process involves heating, crystallization, and filtration through palm oil fractionation equipment. Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to the palm oil fractionation process.

Palm oil fractionation machinePalm oil fractionation machine

Palm oil heating process:

Before fractionation, the refined oil needs to be heated to 60+°C to turn the oil into a pure liquid state (crystallization). After heating, the oil is pumped into the crystallization tank. A cooling coil is installed inside the crystallization tank. The cooling medium is chilled water and cooling water. First, use cooling water to indirectly cool the oil at 60+℃ to about 30-40℃, and then use chilled water (5℃ or 7℃) for secondary cooling to cool the oil temperature to our requirements.

Palm oil cooling process:

The entire cooling system is a circulation system. Cold water enters the crystallization tank, and hot water enters the cooling tower and refrigeration unit, which minimizes energy consumption and saves costs.

Palm oil fractionation machinePalm oil fractionation machine

Palm oil filtration process:

After the crystallization is completed, it enters the filtration section. We configure a screw pump to drive the mixture of olein and stearin into the filter. The filtered olein is driven into the oil storage tank by the oil pump, and the stearin falls directly into the bottom of the filter.

Before recycling the stearin, the compressed air generated by the air compressor will blow away the soft olein, otherwise the discharged stearin will contain olein. Semi-solid mixture of fat. The filtered stearin is in a solid state, very hard and heavy. If it falls directly into the recovery tank, it will damage the palm oil fractionation machine. Therefore, we will install flat steel sheets in the tank so that the stearin will be steeled before it falls to the bottom of the tank. The pieces are broken to ensure the service life of the equipment to the greatest extent.

Besides, there is a heating coil at the bottom of the solid fat recovery tank, which heats the collected stearin into a liquid state and pumps it into the stearin storage tank.

Palm oil fractionation machinePalm oil fractionation machine

The above is the complete palm oil fractionation process of our palm oil fractionation refinery plant. We are Henan Glory Oil & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd, which belongs to Doing Holding. We are mainly engaged in vegetable oil raw material pretreatment, pressing, refining, solvent extraction, dewaxing, palm oil and palm kernel oil pressing, refining and fractionation, etc. Our company has the most advanced palm oil fractionation machines production technology, and undertakes edible oil production lines of various sizes. If you are interested, please contact us.

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