How do I set up an edible oil refinery plant in Africa?

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If you want to set up an edible oil refinery plant in Africa, you should mainly consider and solve the following problems:

First, what’s your raw material? In Africa, the main oil crops are palm fruits, olive, peanuts, soybean and so on. But different countries have different main oil crops. For example, most of our customers from Nigeria choose our palm oil processing machine to make palm oil, while customers from Tanzania choose to make sunflower oil. Therefore, if you want to set up an edible oil refinery plant in Africa, you should judge what kind of raw material is better for you to make profits first. Then, decide what to do next.

raw materials of edible oilRaw materials of edible oil

Once you decide what kind of crude oil you want to refine, you should consider the next problem: how much is your budget? If your budget is adequate, you can choose to set up a large scale edible oil refinery plant; if your budget is limited, you can choose the small scale edible oil refinery plant. In a word, you should choose suitable scale for your oil refinery plant according to your budget.

After solving the above two problems, you should consider the next important one: how to choose suitable and economical machines for your project? Based on the present market, there are mainly three types of edible oil refinery plant: batch type oil refinery plant, semi-continuous oil refinery plant and full-continuous oil refinery plant. All of these plants can help you get standard refined oil, but the scale, continuity and economic benefit are different. You should research the detailed information of all the machines, and then choose the most suitable machine based on your practical conditions.

batch type oil refinery plantBatch type oil refinery plant

Certainly, there are some other problems you should solve when you set up an edible oil refinery plant, but I will not list each of them here. If you have any problems, you can contact Henan Glory to help you. As a professional manufacturer of edible oil refining machine, Henan Glory can provide you complete set of edible oil refinery plant with different types and scales and great after-sales service. And if you have other requirements, Henan Glory can also design suitable plant for you based on your needs. Welcome to contact us!

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