Henan Doing Group-One of edible oil refinery plant manufacturers in China

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Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd(Henan Doing Group) is one of leading edible oil refinery plant manufacturers in China. We have finished many edible oil refinery plant projects in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Kenya, Nigeria, Congo, Mexico, Uzbekistan, and so on. So our sales managers and engineers are very familiar with the process of build an edible oil refinery plant and what refining method is most suitable for customer. That is also because we accumulated rich experience in installation process of edible oil refinery plant projects.

edible oil refinery plantThe edible oil refinery plant projects of Henan Doing Group

Generally speaking, when customer wants to set up an edible oil refinery plant, Henan Doing Company can supply process consultation, technology designing, machines manufacturing,  installation, commissioning, technical training, and turnkey project services. 

Besides, customers should provide some information about their edible oil refinery plant project. The process are as following: 

(1) The kind of crude oil, input capacity per day, project plan and workshop site, etc. These are some basic information our sales manager will confirm with customer first.

(2) The proposal will be designed by our engineers according to the basic information that customer told us. 

(3) At the same time, our engineers will provide customer the size requirement of the workshop. Then customer can look for a building company to start building the workshop. 

(4) Confirm what refining technology customer want with engineers and sales manager, and after that he can pay for the deposit of the edible oil refinery machines. 

(5) Henan Doing Factory will start to manufacture the edible oil refinery machines. And engineers will make the factory layout and make the civil conditions diagram for customer after receiving the deposit. 

(6) When the machines manufacturing was finished, customer should pay for the balance payment. 

(7) Packing and Delivery. And engineer do some preparations for the installation, such as visa, air ticket, etc.

(8) Our engineer goes to guide the installation of edible oil refinery plant project for customer, and supplies the technical training for his workers. If customer need the engineer to help him to run the factory, it's ok, we can also supply the engineer for him.

These are the general process when you want to set up an edible oil refinery plant. Have you understood? If you want to get some helps from our engineers and sales manager, please contact us directly.

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