How can I purify crude edible oil? What is the purification process?

In order to obtain standard edible oil, harmful impurities need to be removed from the crude edible oil, which requires purifying the crude edible oil. Edible oil refining machine can be used to purify crude edible oil, and the crude edible oil purification process mainly includes six stages: degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization, dewaxing, fractionation. But the specific purification process should be designed according to the characteristics of crude edible oil.

edible oil purification processEdible oil purification process

Degumming is the first stage to purify crude edible oil. For edible oils with higher gum content, the hydration degumming method is adopted; for edible oils with low gum content, the dry degumming method is better.

Deacidification is the second stage to purify crude edible oil. There are two methods of deacidification, one is the chemical method, that is, adding NaOH to the edible oil, the other is physical deacidification, which uses heat to generate steam to remove acid.

Decolorization is the third stage to purify crude edible oil. White clay is often used to absorb pigments and other impurities in edible oil, lighten the color of the oil and increase the value of the oil.

Deodorization is the fourth stage to purify crude edible oil. People usually adopt water vapor to eliminate odors.

Dewaxing is the fifth stage to purify crude edible oil. Usually the wax contained in sunflower oil, corn oil or rice bran oil needs to be removed to change the quality and taste of the edible oil.

Fractionation is the sixth stage to purify crude edible oil. Fractional extraction is generally applicable to the production of palm oil. At the required temperature, palm oil is divided into soft fat, stearin and intermediates.

edible oil refining machineEdible oil refining machine

In order to meet different crude edible oil purification needs, Henan Glory Company provides three types of edible oil refining machine to choose from: batch refining equipment, semi-continuous refining equipment and full continuous refining equipment. You can tell us your processing capacity and needs, our engineers can customize a suitable crude edible oil purification solutions for you, and provide you with excellent edible oil refining machine.

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