The process diagram explanation for edible oil refining

Many clients wonder why we need to refine the crude oil and how can we refine the crude oil. Our edible oil refining process diagram can show you clear of each steps in the edible oil refining plant, and what kind of final oil you can get after refining. But you should know different kinds of crude oil and processing technology may need different edible oil refining process diagrams.

edible oil refining process diagramEdible oil refining process diagram based on our engineers' design

Generally speaking, edible oil refining process diagram mainly includes degumming, deacidification/ neutralization, decolorization/ bleaching and deodorization. For some special kinds of oil like crude palm oil, which will also need fractionation to separate solid and liquid oil, then client can get the palm olein and stearin. As for sunflower oil, corn oil and rice bran oil, since there is wax in the oil, better add the dewaxing plant to remove wax further after refining. Here you can check what is the detailed process of the edible oil refining process diagram as following.

Detailed explanation of edible oil refining process diagram:

Degumming: For oil with higher gum content like crude soybean oil, we will use hot water to remove the gums; for lower gum content oil like palm oil, we will adopt dry type degumming method. (Related reading: The degumming process of edible oil)

Deacidification/ neutralization: About this, we have two methods to remove the acid, one is chemical type: by adding alkali to neutralize with acid and form into soapstock; Another is physical type: using high temperature to generate steam to take bad odors away.

Decolorization/ bleaching: This is to remove the pigment and colors in the crude oil by using white clay to absorb colors, making the oil color light and thus increase the value.

Deodorization: Using high temperature to take the bad odors away, then we will filtrate the oil again, after this, the final oil can be pumped to other deep-processing workshop or oil storage tank.

palm oil fractionation processPalm oil fractionation process diagram

Fractionation: Usually palm oil will form into crystals after refining, so we can add the fractionation plant to separate palm olein and stearin.

Dewaxing/ Winterization: It is to remove the wax in the sunflower oil, corn oil or rice bran oil, in order to increase oil quality and taste.

Hope you have a better understanding of the edible oil refining process diagram now, and our engineers are willing to design the edible oil refining process diagram according to your crude oil and input capacity you need. We will be at your services 24hours.

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