Welcome you to visit DOING Company's Nigerian Branch and warehouse

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Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd has built the warehouse and branch office in Lagos, Nigeria already, so if you are planning to buy edible oil refinery machine, you can contact us and then go to our branch and warehouse, to talk the details with overseas manager, and see the model machine.

Except for edible oil refinery machine, we also sent cooking oil processing machine, palm oil press machine, etc to the Nigerian warehouse. These machines were packed and sent in October. The following is the pictures took at that time.

edible oil machineThe machines were sent to Nigerian warehouse

Last month, three sales managers went there, checking the arrived machines, attending the exhibition of China Commodities Expo-Nigeria 2019, and receiving customers to visit.

edible oil machine nigeriaThe pictures about warehouse, exhibition and customer visit

What benefits are there to buy machine from Doing Company's Nigerian warehouse?

1. Can get better communication and services in local Nigeria.

2. Don't have to worry about the after-sale problems and parts replacement

3. Doing Company is manufacturer, so the price won't be very high.

4. If there is no machines you want in the warehouse, Doing Company can send the machines with our other machines together, and you don't have to worry about the transportation problems.

5. If you buy the machines directly from warehouse, you can use it immediately, and don't need to wait any more.

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