Zambian customer came to visit Doing Factory for soybean oil refining machine

Date:Nov 29, 2018/ DOING News/ Chat online/ Leave a message

Today, Henan Doing Company received a customer from Zambia. He came here to inspect small scale soybean oil refinery plant project.

soybean oil refining machineZambian customer is listening to our sales manager's introduction

During the visit to the factory, he listened to the introduction of the sales manager and raised his own questions about soybean oil refining process.

doing factoryHenan Doing Factory part view

He looked at the small edible oil refining model machine, and also looked at Doing Company's palm oil processing line, including palm oil expeller machine, palm kernel oil expeller machine, palm nuts crucking and seperating machine, etc. And he expressed interest in the small scale palm oil processing line.

Henan Doing Company is a professional maufacturer of edible oil refinery machine. If you need, Doing Company welcome you to visit our factory in Zhengzhou, China.

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