Our Indonesian customer came to see 15T palm oil fractionation machine

Date:2018-07-10/ DOING News/ Leave a message
After detailed understanding of palm oil fractionation process, our Indonesian customer came to our company, to see 15T palm oil fractionation machine last Friday. Our palm oil fractionation technology and machinery is based on a fully continuous and automatic system without adding any solvent or chemical, ensuring premium quality of oil products.

palm oil fractionation machine indonesia
Palm oil crystallizer

Features of our palm oil fractionation machine:
  1. Simple process;
  2. Easy and convenient operation;
  3. No environmental pollution;
  4. Low consumption of steam;
  5. Reasonable price;
  6. Satisfied palm oil fractionation results;

Palm oil fractionation process flowe chart

The oil is cooled slowly to a certain degree in dissolved state, passing through plate filter to separate crystals and precipitate solid ester. Our palm oil fractionation machine is your best choice to produce stable palm oil olein and stearine products that fits your standard and quality requirements. Besides, our 2TPD palm oil refinery plant is also popular with customers. Welcome to leave your message! Our engineer will designe for you.

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