Doing Factory has been replanned and refined the processes to provide better service for customers

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With the continuous development of the company, more and more customers order edible oil refining equipment and other edible oil production equipment from Henan Doing Company. Last week, the CEO Mr. Zheng and Factory director Mr. Tao of Henan Doing Company had a meeting with every department directors to replanned the factory and refined the processes, such as procurement, equipment manufacturing, delivery, project installation and commissioning, etc. Besides, Doing Factory also took a new look for better customers visiting experience.

doing companyThe meeting in Doing Factory lasted two hours

When customer go into Doing Factory, they will find that the whole factory are pided into several areas: reception area, office area, model machine display area, raw material storage area, machine manufacturing area, etc. They will step into the reception hall firstly. Here, customer can learn about our machines and our projects in different countries through the pictures on the wall on both sides.

doing factoryThe reception hall took a new look

And then customer can visit the cooking oil making machine and edible oil refinery machine model display area. Customer can watch their inner structure while listening to the sales manager's introduction. They can go on visiting the equipment manufacturing area. But I must remind you that our factory has rules--forbidden to take photographs in plant.

After changing, we believe that Doing Factory will do better and better. If you want to set up an edible oil refinery plant, welcome you to visit our company and factory!

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