Henan Doing Company hold a team building activity in Chongdugou scenic area, Luoyang

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In the morning, Oct. 12nd, all the employees of Henan Doing Company went to Chongdugou scenic area, Luoyang to held a team building activity.

This team building activity took two days, including climbing mountain, barbecue, singing, dancing, playing games. All the employees were divided into seven groups, to compete each other.

doing companyGroup members pictures

This is the picture when the group reach the destination. That is the first activity on the first day, and all the people in each group tried their best to walk fast to win the championship. But I have to say honestly, ''It's really tired.''

DOING companyPreparation before barbecue

The barbecue in the evening is very lively, which is due to everyone's hard preparation.

doing groupThe 5th group win the champion team, congratulation!

This team building activity ended successfully and everyone was very happy. After the competitions and playing games, we are more united and more energetic.

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