Is there physical refining type small scale edible oil refinery equipment?

You must heard that chemical refining technology is used for in small scale batch type edible oil refinery plant. Then, do you know whether there is physical refining type mini edible oil refinery equipment? Our customer also often asks this question. The answer is yes. If you want to get more profitable by-products like fatty acid instead of soapstock, or ask the oil loss less, physical refining type edible oil refinery equipment is your best choice. However, its cost will higher than chemical refining type small scale edible oil refinery equipment, so you need to choose based on your condition.

phisical refining and chemical refining process flow chartPhisical refining and chemical refining process flow chart

The brief introduction of physical refining process

Physical refining process of small scale edible oil refinery equipment contains three steps: degumming, decolorization and deodorization. Free fatty acid will be removed by steam in deodorization step and no need add other chemical materials. In the whole process, the consumption amount of chemical material and water is reduced by 90% than chemical refining equipment. 

How to choose the refining technology when buying small scale edible oil refinery equipment

Whether to choose physical refining equipment or not depends on lots of factors, like FFA content, your crude oil quality, local environment requirement, etc. Last year, we Doing Company installed a 5tpd crude palm oil physical refinery plant project in Indonesia. That owner already had a 60tph palm oil mill plant and he wanted to refine the sludge oil and rotted palm fruit oil part. 

samll physical oil refinery plantThe 5tpd small scale palm oil refinery plant project in Indonesia using physical refining technology

Because of the high FFA content, this part crude palm oil quality is terrible. If use chemical refining equipment, the oil loss rate and NoOH solution addition will be very high. So the engineers of Henan Doing Company recommend to use physical refining technology, and can also reduce oil loss rate. This proposal is very suitable for owner’s requirement, therefore he decided to start a physical refining small scale edible oil refinery plant with 5tpd capacity. 

The other advantages of physical refining edible oil refinery plant

1. Get by-products -- fatty acid, the price is ten times than that of soapstock produced by chemical refining way. 

2. Though prior-period machine investment is large, in the long run, that is more profitable, because of high quality of final oil, low production consumption, etc.

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