How can I purify crude peanut oil? What is the peanut oil purification process?

Crude peanut oil usually contains gel-soluble impurities, free fatty acids, pigments, odor substances and so on, which can no longer meet the high standard requirements of consumers for edible oil. Therefore, more and more peanut oil processing plants will use purification machine to remove these impurities in crude oil, so that the color, flavor and quality of refined peanut oil meet the national edible standards.

Generally, the crude peanut oil purification process is divided into four steps: degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization.

peanut oil purification machinePeanut oil purification machine

Step 1: Degumming can remove the gum in the crude peanut oil so that the refined peanut oil has good stability;

Step 2: Deacidification can remove the free fatty acids in the crude peanut oil to form soapstock to discharge, and the refined oil is not easy to rancidity and more healthy for human body;

Step 3: Decoloring will change the crude peanut oil from dark to bright color;

Step 4: Deodorization can remove the odor of crude peanut oil to make the refined peanut oil smell more mellow.

After these few steps, the crude peanut oil has become refined peanut oil ( purified oil) can sell to the market directly. The peanut oil purified by Henan Glory's peanut oil purification machine has high quality and bright color, which has higher market competitiveness.

And to meet different customers' crude peanut oil purification requirements, Henan Glory company's engineer team designed three types peanut oil purification machine for customers to choose, batch type purification machine, semi-continuous type purification machine and full continuous type purification machine.

peanut oil purification machineThree types peanut oil purification machine

Click the link to learn more about these three types purification machines and their differences: Groundnut/ Peanut oil refinery plant

If you have demand to purify the crude peanut oil to obtain more profits, please contact Henan Glory company and tell us your requirements. As a professional edible oil purification machine manufacturer, Henan Glory company can customize you the most suitable machine at factory price! And there are equipment prototypes in our factory, welcome to have a visit!

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