How does a 1-5 tons per day palm oil refinery work?

Nigeria has one of the largest palm plantations in the world, so there is also a huge market for palm oil. We can find the palm oil machine in many place. But only the oil obtained by pressing is not up to the standard of edible oil, the crude palm oil must be refined to meet the standard of sale. So for the most common 1-5 tons per day palm oil refinery, how does it work?

For the capacity of 1-5tpd palm oil refinery, we will recommend to choose the batch palm oil refinery which is lower cost and suitable for many oils. Refinery include degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization.

1-5tpd palm oil refining process.jpg1-5tpd palm oil refining process

First, raise the temperature in the refinery tank to 70-80 degrees, add an appropriate amount of hot water to the crude palm oil under high temperature conditions. After stirring with the paddles in the tank, precipitate for 4-8 hours, and then open the valve at the bottom of the refinery tank to release the sediment (micelle).

Then heat up again, add hot water and edible alkali (NaOH), precipitate again for 4-8 hours, open the valve, release the sediment (saponin, available for sale), and complete the degumming and deacidification.

The next step is decolorization. The principle of decolorization is to use adsorbents to absorb the pigments and other impurities in the hot oil, and then filter them together. Therefore, this process requires high temperature, high vacuum and hot steam.

The last step is deodorization. The principle of deodorization is that under the same conditions, the odorous gas is easier to volatile, so the deodorization temperature needs to be around 260 degrees. The material of the deodorizing tank needs to be stainless steel. Carbon steel will generate manganese under high temperature conditions, which is harmful to the human body.

1-5 tons per day palm oil refinery.jpg1-5 tons per day palm oil refinery

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