How to calculate the loss of refined edible oil?

It is well known that the edible oil refining process causes loss of refined edible oil. Based on the explain of Henan Doing Company' engineers, this article will explain what factors are responsible for the loss of refined edible oil and how the loss of refined edible oil in each part is calculated.

edible oil refining machineEdible oil refining process flow chart

1. The loss in alkali refining process 

(1) Loss formed by the removal of colloid, free fatty acid, moisture, impurities, etc. present in the crude edible oil;

(2) Loss due to saponification and emulsification of neutral oil during the alkali refining process;

(3) Theoretical calculation formula: 

alkali refining loss = 0.2 + 1.25 × (FFA% + phospholipid content % + moisture % + impurity % + 0.3%)

2. The loss in decolorization process

(1) It is mainly for the loss caused by the absorption of waste white clay during adsorption decolorization process, and the oil content of waste white clay should be reduced as much as possible.

(2) Theoretical calculation formula: 

Decolorization loss = waste white clay × waste white clay dry base oil content

3. The loss in deodorization process

(1) In the process of deodorization, fatty acid and small molecule aldehydes, ketones and other substances  unsaponifiables such as sterols and vitamin E, and the triglyceride distillation loss ;

(2) Spatter of oil during stripping causes the loss.

(3) Theoretical calculation formula:

Deodorization consumption = 0.2 + 1.1 × (into deodorization tower FFA% + POV / 80 + water %)

4. The loss in production process

Loss of running, dropping, leakage or other phenomena caused by improper operation or equipment during production. Such losses should be avoided as far as possible.

These four parts are the main causes that lead to loss of refined edible oil. But in the commissioning process of edible oil refinery machine, the loss of refined edible oil can low down to the least. The engineers of Henan Doing Company have rich experience in installion and commissioning of edible oil refinery machine. And we have finished many edible oil refinery plant projects in different countries. If you want to set up an edible oil refinery plant, please contact us!

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