Edible oil purification process introduction

Edible oil purification is the procedure of removing the harmful impurities in the crude oil and processing crude oil into standard quality edible oil. The edible oil purification process contains four basic steps at the very least: degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization.

Next, Henan Glory Company will tell you more about what is edible oil purification, why it is necessary and how to purify edible oil.

What is edible oil purification?

Edible oil purification is the process of removing harmful impurities and needless substances from the crude oil by physical or chemical means, and then get standard quality edible oil. It aims at improving the oil storage stability, flavor and color.

edible oil refining machine Edible oil purification machine

Why it is necessary?

The crude oil, whether obtained by pressing method or pre-press & solvent extraction method, contains free fatty acids, waxes, unpleasant smell, pigments, a small amount of water, etc. impurities. These impurities are harmful to human health and adversely affect the tasty, flavor and color of edible oil, they are required to be purified for making the edible oil meet the national standard. Through purifying and refining, it can improve the oil storage stability, flavor and color.

How to purify edible oil?

In general, the crude oil from the press or solvent extraction plant is first subjected to a preliminary filtration process. This can be done with the aid of a leaf filter or frame filter to remove suspended solid impurities from the crude oil.

edible oil refining machineSmall scale edible oil refining machine

Then the crude oil usually need to go through four basic steps: degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization to be further purified.

Step 1: Degumming

It is mostly degummed by hydration, that is, hot water and phosphoric acid are added into crude oil by using the hydrophilicity of phospholipids to make the colloidal impurities absorb water, and then coagulate and separate gums from the oil.

Step 2: Deacidification

The existence of free fatty acids makes it difficult to store edible oil for a long time. Deacidification can neutralize the oil to remove free fatty acids by adding caustic soda. The oil and caustic soda mixture is heated up and stirred to induce a chemical reaction between the two that causes nigre.

Step 3: Decolorization

The crude oil contains a lot of pigments, which affect the tasty and color of edible oil. So normally active clay with strong adsorption will be used to absorb pigment and other impurities in the crude oil. After decolorization, the waste clay in crude oil needs to be filtered by a leaf filter.

Step 4: Deodorization

During deodorization process, using high temperature and high vacuum distillation to remove the unique flavor and bad smell. The edible oil after purifying and refining process has transparent color, no sedimentation for a long time, no foaming under the pot, no fumes, and meets the national edible oil standard, which can be directly sold in the market.

Another point worth noting is that some crude oil have a high wax content, such as sunflower oil, rice bran oil, etc. These waxes cannot be absorbed by the human body and need to be dewaxed. Dewaxed edible oil is of high value and can meet national standards.

edible oil refining processEdible oi refining process

Above is the full introduction of the edible oil purification process. Henan Glory Company is a professional manufacturer of edible oil refinery plant for many years in China. We will supply you the most efficient and beneficial equipment for you. Have any question for the edible oil purifying process could let us know at any time, we will give you the most suitable proposal.

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