Edible oil refinery equipment maintenance rules

The maintenance of edible oil refinery equipment an essentialstep in the entire operation of the edible oil refinery plant. Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the service life of the edible oil refinery equipment and can also prevent the leakage of the thermal oil. Now, for everybody, I will talk about seven pieces of edible oil refinery equipment maintenance rules.

cooking oil refining equipmentSmall scale edible oil refinery equipment in our factory plant

First, ensure the surface of edible oil refinery equipment is clean.The surface of the cylinderpiston is most likely covered withdust. If it is not cleaned in time, it can easily cause mechanical wear.Regularly cleaning the dirt on the surface of the cylinder pistoncan reduce unnecessary mechanicalwear and improve the operation efficiency of the edible oil refinery equipment.

Second, hydraulic oil in the tankmust be clarified ahead of time. Ensure the oil without impurities and then pourthe hydraulicoil into the oil tank. After a period of use, the hydraulicoilmust be changed.

Third, when used, the pressure of the oil pump should not be too fast, or the pressure equipment and its accessories will be damaged because the hydraulic system is impacted, which influences the service life of the cookingoil refining equipmentand perhaps cause oil back into cylinder.

Fourth, if a small scale edible oil refinery equipment needs a handle operation, do not lengthen the length of the handle on purpose, which may reduce the mechanical wearof other equipment parts.

Fifth, check the usage frequently, especially the parts that are easily damaged in cooking oilrefining equipment.

Sixth, before startingtowork,check everypartsofcooking oilrefining equipment. Often cleanor smear a proper amount of oilto avoid rusting.

Seventh,it is necessary to operate in accordance with the manufacturer's reminding, such as the occurrence of noise, stopworking, part damage, etc. in the course of mechanical operation. Please contact the manufacturer for repair in time, or ask professional technical masterto repair it.

Edible oil refinery equipment can get refined oil after the refining process such as degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization,winterization and dewaxing. The small scale edible oil refinery equipment can be used toget salad oil, high quality cooking oil, orgrade one and grade two oil.

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