The application of phosphoric acid in vegetable oil refining industry

In vegetable oil refining industry, adding phosphoric acid or hot water is to remove the gums from crude oil, which is called degumming process. But because adding phosphoric acid has better degumming effect than using hot water, and it can even remove nonhydratable substance, it is more suitable for high-level edible oil refining process.

The difference of phosphoric acid degumming process in different vegetable oil refining plant:

1. In batch type vegetable oil refining plant

degumming process

The acid degumming process generally proceed with alkali deacidification process together. After adding phosphoric acid, stir the oil for about 30 min, and then add alkali liquid to proceed the neutralization reaction.

2. In continuous vegetable oil refining plant

degumming process

The amount of phosphoric acid is controlled by metering pump strictly. After adding the phosphoric acid, the crude oil and phosphoric acid will be mixed in the mixer for a while, and then which are pumped into deacidification section.

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Crude oil belongs to colloidal system. Because phospholipid, protein, mucilaginous form a sol system with triglyceride, they are called the colloidal impurities in crude oil. The impurities in crude oil not only affect the stability of crude oil, but also affect the technological effect of edible oil refining and deep processing.

oil impuritiesThe impurities in crude vegetable oil

For example, in the process of alkali refining of crude oil, they will promote emulsification, increase the difficulty of operation, increase the consumption of refining and auxiliary agent, and reduce the quality of soap foot. In the process of decolorization, they will increase the consumption of adsorbent and reduce the decolorization effect. What's more, the oil without degumming cannot be refined by physical refining method and deodorization process, nor can it be further processed. 

Therefore, it is necessary to firstly remove the colloidal impurities in crude oil refining process.

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