Affecting factors of cooking oil alkali refining

The deacidification method of cooking oil alkali refining is to neutralize the free fatty acids in the oil with alkali, and then generate saponins. In order to achieve better results, the following factors need to be paid attention to in the process of cooking oil alkali refining:

Cooking oil alkali refining processCooking oil alkali refining process

1. Types of bases used

The alkalis used to neutralize free fatty acids include sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and calcium hydroxide. Various alkalis have different technological effects in cooking oil alkali refining. Sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate are generally used in the production of oil industry, because of their strong alkalinity, the saponin generated by the reaction can be separated from the oil well, the deacidification effect is good, and the oil has a high decolorization ability.

2. Dosage of alkali

The amount of alkali directly affects the effect of cooking oil alkali refining. The amount of alkali is insufficient, the neutralization of free fatty acids is incomplete, some impurities in the cooking oil cannot be fully adsorbed, and the soap particles cannot be flocculated well, resulting in difficult separation, poor quality of alkali refining refined oil, and low oil yield. With too much alkali, the neutral oil is saponified and the refining loss increases. Therefore, it is very important to correctly grasp the amount of alkali used.

3. Lye concentration

Appropriate lye concentration is one of the important factors to obtain better results in caustic refining of cooking oil. Therefore, Henan Glory Company recommends that you should conduct a comparative experiment with different concentrations of lye before caustic refining, so as to choose the most suitable lye concentration.

4. Operating temperature

The influence of the operating temperature of cooking oil alkali refining on alkali refining is mainly reflected in the initial temperature, final temperature and heating rate of alkali refining. It is a factor related to the quality of crude cooking oil, alkali refining process and alkali concentration. Taking the batch caustic refining process as an example, when the crude cooking oil quality is good, a higher operating temperature can be used when using low-concentration lye caustic refining; otherwise, the operating temperature should be lower.

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